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‘When the cockerel crows’

In the Gospel we read of a terribly sad event; the three denials of Peter at our Lord’s trial.

What makes Peter’s words all the sadder is that some hours earlier he, along with all the other disciples, had vowed to follow Jesus through thick and thin- even to death. On that occasion our Lord had prophesied that before the cock had crowed Peter would swear that he had never known Jesus.

What about you- are you prepared to follow Jesus even when it means standing alone? For all of us ‘the cock will crow’ and our hearts will be revealed. May we be willing to stand for the Christ who not only stood for us, but died for the sins of His people.

Remember the words of Jesus; ‘he who denies me before men- I will deny before my Father in Heaven but he who acknowledges me before men- I will acknowledge him before the Father’

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