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‘Utterly meaningless?’ Take one second to read one line which may change your universe...

‘If Jesus Christ rose from the dead- nothing else matters. If he didn’t rise from the dead- nothing matters’.

Had to read it a second time? Don’t worry as I did too! The Bible states categorically and unapologetically that the same Jesus Christ who died on Good Friday rose victoriously from the dead the following Sunday. This isn’t a matter of ghosts or phantoms but a real physical resurrection.

As someone has put- it the resurrection was God’s loud ‘amen!’ to Jesus’ cry that his sin bearing death on the Cross ‘was finished’ and all sufficient to save anyone who would come to him. What is indescribably wonderful is the good news that everyone who trusts in Jesus alone for forgiveness will also, one day, be raised from the dead- just as surely as Jesus himself was raised from the dead.

If this good news is untrue then, we might as well face it, all of life is a living death and utterly meaningless. However, if this good news is true then a whole new universe has gloriously opened up in front of us with endless eternal delights calling to us.

I believe it- what about you?

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