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“In the Beginning....”

The Bible’s first verse is as short as it is glorious- ‘In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”.

Even if you close your Bible and never read it again, you have learned something altogether wonderful (or devastating, depending on your stance); there is a God! And not just any old God but a Sovereign, All Powerful God who created absolutely everything that you can see around you (to say nothing of what you can’t see) from Croagh Patrick to the smallest, most insignificant, insect. From the roaring sea to the sky above- this is all the handiwork of God. The Bible goes on to tell us that God did all of this simply by the Power of his Word. God simply speaks and it happens! Our verse also implies that God is eternal as he was already there ‘In the beginning’ before the universe was created.

Love the fact or hate it- this is the God who made you. This is the God you have to deal with and, moreover, will deal with you. This is the God who puts breath in your body and keeps your heart beating every moment- so if you are going to live in rebellion against Him, do it when you don’t need a breath or a heartbeat! This is the Almighty God before whom you will stand one day to answer for the live that you have lived.

Doesn’t it just blow your mind to think that this God loves you and wants you to know Him today? Isn’t it past time that you entered into a real relationship with Him through faith in His Son?

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