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Working your way up or enjoying that which came down?

The Apostle Paul never tired of making it clear what was the difference between Biblical Christianity and mere religion.

Religion attempts to get people to heaven by self effort, hard work, endless rituals and much blood, sweat and tears. In sharp contrast true Christianity revels in the love of God which came down to bless people.

Listen to Paul’s prayer - ‘May you be rooted and grounded in love and be able to comprehend what is the love of Christ which passes knowledge’. Did you get that? For the people trusting in Jesus, they are called to stop striving and enjoy the endless love of God! And did you notice it- God’s love is so great that they are called to do the impossible - ‘comprehend’ that ‘which passes knowledge’?!

What would you rather do- work at religion or be swept off your feet with true Christianity?

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