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Standing for LIFE in a culture of DEATH

Historically, God’s people have always stood up for the weak, spoken up for the voiceless and defended the defenseless. Hence, we are proud to stand for the unborn who perfectly fit all three of the aforementioned categories.

We joyfully affirm that all people, from conception to death, regardless of gender, skin colour or disability are made in the beautiful image of God and are of inestimable value. From the womb to the tomb- life is not ‘up for grabs’ but sealed with the mark of God. Today abortion is a fact of life but just because something is legal, it doesn’t make it right- think of slavery.

In a world where power and money are worshipped and children are often deemed a disposable inconvenience, we declare our commitment to view every conception of every child as a priceless piece of Divine engineering. As such an unborn child is not ‘a random collection of cells’ but a little personality with a separate DNA from his/her mother. Remember, abortion stops a beating heart. Regardless of how many times men seek to call abortion ‘a right’ and argue that it is a right thing to do- God calls it sin. We can never make right what God calls wrong. And what is wrong can never be a blessing to men and women.

As God’s people we fully acknowledge that only the All Loving and All Wise Creator of Heaven and Earth has the authority to start and stop life. To arrogantly interfere in God’s sphere of rule is to swap freedom for bondage, a pure light for a satanic darkness and life for death.

We reject today’s culture of death, where children can be destroyed and, very soon, it will be argued that elderly people may be terminated, too, in the name of ‘compassion’. We are deeply grieved that, under the banner of ‘women’s rights’, a godlike authority to destroy life has been assumed- and to think that on a world scale the vast majority of abortion victims are girls...

As followers of Jesus Christ we insist on equal rights for unborn girls (and boys) and, moreover, their inalienable God- given right to see the light of day. To be sure, there are many, many hard cases but taking a life and permanently damaging a woman is no solution- surely we are to love both. In truth, there are no ‘unwanted children’ in Ireland today rather there are many young couples desperately waiting to adopt a new born.

Our choice is to LIVE life or LIVE death. In a world of death we, as a Church, are determined to speak and act for LIFE. Please come and join us!

PS- If you have had an abortion or pushed someone into an abortion- we do not condemn you. The blood of Jesus Christ covers ALL sin for all who will come to Jesus in repentance and faith. In truth, my own sin may well be bigger in God’s eyes then your sin, therefore I am SO GLAD that Jesus has forgiven me. Surely, for people like me- the point is that trying to pretend that we have done nothing wrong is futile. Rather, we need to seek God’s forgiveness and learn from past mistakes.

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