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Sharon’s Baptism

What a fantastic day we had yesterday!! During our service in the Leisure centre Sharon Scahill gave a little bit of her life story. Long story short; Sharon, like so many of us, found life to be a rather hard and dark place with very little love and acceptance to be found. She felt very depressed and empty as her life was totally devoid of meaning and peace.

It was only as Sharon met Jesus Christ that all of this changed; in meeting Jesus she met not only her Creator but someone who loved her more than life. A person who could, and did, change her life creating in her the purpose and hope that she so craved. Not only did her precious Lord forgive Sharon of all her sins but He is leading her forward in life, and through life, to the heaven that He has prepared for her- and for everybody else who will follow Him.

Today Sharon will certainly tell you that there are still some hard days and difficult days, but the difference is now that Jesus is in her life and that is a VERY big difference!

After the service we all headed out to Lecanvey pier where we baptised Sharon. It is important to understand that baptism doesn’t change a person’s spiritual status, rather it is a graphic picture symbolising the inner cleansing that Jesus has done in a person’s life. Afterwards we all headed back to our house for a party to celebrate what the Lord had done in Sharon’s life. It was a day that none of us will forget.

May the Lord richly bless you, Sharon, our beloved Sister, we are all so proud to have you as part of the Church!

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