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Payday- Someday

In the book of Acts there is a very instructive chapter which begins one way and ends another way. It opens with King Herod and, as you may know, there are various Herods mentioned in the New Testament, so it may interest you to know who’s who is the zoo. This particular Herod was Herod Agrippa 1, grandson of Herod the Great who was on the throne when Jesus was born. It was his uncle Herod Antipas who met up with Christ during his trial.

Herod Agrippa, like a lot of people today, really didn’t have time for God or God’s people. So much so that he imprisoned the Apostle Peter with the intention of having him killed. It is pretty clear that Herod thought that he could do whatever he liked and that he would never be held accountable for his actions. He thought wrong.

By the end of the chapter two things happen. First, Peter is supernaturally delivered from prison- by an angel. Secondly, King Herod is supernaturally killed- by an angel.

The truth for us today is that regardless of how things presently look- one day the tables will be turned, all wrongs will be righted and every man will be held accountable for his actions.

This is VERY good news for the ‘Peters’ of this world and VERY bad news for the ‘Herods’ of this world.

Which side are you on?

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