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How bright is the future?

Is the future bright or dark? As you look to the future what do you see? Death, destruction, war, famine, etc, etc? Given that viewpoint, one could be forgiven for crawling under the bed and abandoning all hope.

However, I want to present to you another viewpoint. Yes, things may seem very dark right now, especially when you listen to climate-change predictions. However, it is worth noting that not all scientists believe that climate change is man-made. You won’t hear much from those scientists as in today’s political climate (pardon the pun!) nobody is tolerated who won’t speak apocalyptically on how catastrophic the world situation is. However, there is evidence that the world climate is changing...not alot and that even those small changes may have nothing to do with our CO2 production.

If you have 5 minutes check these videos out-

Thus, if you are planning a well earned mental breakdown it might be best to base it on something other than ‘Global Warming’.

Nonetheless, I fully grant that things are dark, especially when one contemplates the evil of men, but let me cast your gaze in another direction. Consider these 5 Biblical facts-

Fact 1; God made the world and has a good plan and purpose for it.

Fact 2; Jesus Christ died and rose again so that, as the God-man, He has full and total authority in Heaven and on earth.

Fact 3; Jesus Christ is reigning over the entire cosmos and can bring the greatest good out of the worst human evil (think of His death).

Fact 4; It is God’s revealed will that a vast amount of people are going to be saved through placing their trust in Jesus, so many people that it would nearly be impossible to count them!

Fact 5; Jesus Christ has promised that His Church will bulldoze the gates of hell, metaphorically, and in this way Satan’s corny kingdom will be plundered as a vast amount of people will be set free from his clutches.

The way I see it folks, the future is very, very bright! You can be part of that bright future by simply turning from your sins and trusting in Jesus today as your King!

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