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Have you got a safe space?

Today we live under the tyranny of political correctness. It seems that if things are not PC we aren’t allowed to even think them. Thus, it is no surprise that Biblical Christianity is considered beyond the pale of what is deemed acceptable by the PC brigade.

One of the aspects of Christianity which is deemed especially objectionable, along with its exclusivity, is the doctrine of God’s wrath. And yet, from the beginning of the Bible to its end, the Holy Scriptures make it clear that God can be extremely angry when His good and holy standard- His Law- has been violated. It is important to understand, however, that God’s love is a still bigger theme. The Bible tells us that ‘God is love’ but not that ‘God is anger’.

Notwithstanding that fact, the Bible does make it clear that there will be a day when God’s anger will be unleashed full strength against wickedness. This will happen on the Day of Judgement. At that point there will be no more time to repent, no more time to say ‘sorry’ as all people will be judged for the lives that they have lived. This is very frightening, as I know in my heart that I deserve God’s wrath unmixed and full strength for the life that I have lived. Thank God that for sinners like me there is GREAT news...

The Bible tells us that on the Cross, because of God’s great love, Jesus willingly took the full blast of God’s wrath for all the sins of all the people who would believe in Him. The Hell that I fully deserved was experienced for those agonising hours on the cross by Jesus. This is breath-taking!

So what about you? Do you want to ‘take your chances’ on the Day of Judgement or do what so many of us have already done and run for cover under the all-sufficient death of Jesus? The Bible is clear- ‘Let no one deceive you with empty words, the wrath of God will come upon the sons of disobedience’.

In a forest fire there is only one safe place to be- where the fire has already been burning. Such was God’s endless love for sinners that on Calvary’s cross the ferocious fire of God’s wrath against sin fully burnt itself out. This is the one place where we can count on safety, come the last day. PLEASE make sure that your faith is in Jesus today so that you will be safe come the last day.

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