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Has God Given You a Raw Deal?

On Sunday we were looking at Genesis 3 where we read of mankind’s first, and utterly disastrous, encounter with the devil. Forget ‘The Exorcist’ and all such horror films, as here the genius of the devil is that he gently and winsomely crawls (literally as he appears in the form of a snake!) over to Eve and suggests that God has been a bit tough on her and Adam, and if they would just do things his way then, well, they would be on easy street! Eve swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In place of the of the perfect paradise that God had created for mankind we now have a sin-cursed, sin-damaged world full of famine, earthquakes, tsunamis, sickness, death, cancer, etc, etc. The horrible reality was that man’s sin unleashed a tidal wave of destruction which left no part of creation unaffected. And all of this because Eve, along with her husband, thought there was a better deal on offer......

However, as big as sin’s devastation was, there was something even bigger on display that day; the goodness and grace of God! The devil thought that he had won, and not without reason; he had managed to drag down the pinnacle of creation- mankind- into sin. But God did something utterly unexpected. Instead of damning Adam and Eve to hell He stepped over to stand with the guilty pair and proclaimed a curse on the devil (he sure must have thought that he got a raw deal that day!)! Not only that, but God made a promise that one day, just as the devil had used the woman for great evil, so He would use the woman for great good and that through her would come One who would rise up and destroy the devil and reverse all his filthy works.

The Good news is that the Promised One came, Jesus Christ, and defeated the devil with the blessed consequence that one day mankind- all who trust in Jesus- will once again walk with God in a paradise. That sure sounds like a good deal to me!

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