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Good News for Eunuchs!

Calling all eunuchs (and the rest of you!), Acts chapter 8 tells the amazing story of how Christianity first arrived in Africa. A Christian called Phillip was called by God to head off to the road between Gaza and Jerusalem. This seemed a rather odd idea as this place wasn’t likely to be a population hot spot. However, lo and behold, Philip came across a high ranking Jewish man who served in the court of the Ethiopian queen Candace. This explains his radical surgery as the custom of the times dictated that only eunuchs could be trusted to serve queens (and you guys think you have it tough pleasing the women in your lives!!).

The eunuch had come to find God in the Jewish temple. If that was his goal then, undoubtedly, he left Jerusalem feeling pretty deflated. Ever since the death of Christ God no longer dwelt in man-made temples. No matter how elaborate or ostentatious the rites, rituals and ceremonies of the temple- it was all empty of reality. At least since God made His departure from the temple evident by ripping the sanctuary curtain from top to bottom. But this begs the question- if not in temples, then where can God be found? The eunuch must have bitterly turned that question endlessly over in his mind as he made his mammoth journey back to his home.

Thankfully, in the kindness of the Lord, Philip was supplied to provide the answer. And the answer was found in the Jesus story! Philip would have explained to our eunuch that Jesus had died on the Cross to rescue His believing people from their sins, and that all who place their faith in Jesus have nobody less than the Almighty God come to indwell their lives.

Think of it; God’s temple today is NOT some fancy building or cathedral but His people. That means that right now you, no matter how much of a nobody you might sometimes feel, can actually have the Trinity take up residence in your life- if you will simply get down on your knees, confess your sin and ask Jesus to enter your life.

Now that is enough to make even a eunuch jump for joy!!

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