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Does Life have any Meaning?

Maybe it is during a sleepless night as you toss and turn, or perhaps it is on one of those days when everything is going wrong, but a certain haunting thought comes once again. ‘Why am I here’, ‘Does my life have any meaning?’, ‘Is life just a sick joke?’.

According to our media and even what our schools and colleges teach, the answer is a very definite ‘no!’- life does not have any meaning. And ‘yes!’- your life is just a sick joke. It is not hard to see the logic of this. After all, if we are the end product of a random, impersonal and pitiless process of billions of years of evolutionary change then, we have to face it, we are just advanced slime with no more significance than a slug.

One thinker put this world view succinctly; ‘Every living thing is born without meaning, prolongs its life in weakness and dies without meaning’.

To all such thinking the Bible says a loud and clear ‘rubbish!!’ Life has meaning because we were created by God and not just created but created ‘in His image’- the dignity this gives us is off the scale (this is why murder and abortion are so utterly wrong)! This means that we were created with a meaning and a purpose, and not just any old purpose. Our purpose is to know God and to enjoy Him forever! To live in any other way is to play marbles with diamonds.

Think of it- the almighty God has invited you into a real relationship with Him! So what are you going to do- live like advanced slime or enter into the fabulous reason you were created for?

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