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DIY Salvation?

What is the difference between Biblical Christianity and every other form of religion? Religion tells us to shape up and get ourselves to Heaven by doing good works. In sharp contrast true Christianity comes to us, where we are at, even in our sin, and rescues us through the death of Jesus. In the one we vainly try to make it to God. In the other God comes to us.

Religion is DIY; do it yourself

Christianity is DBC; done by Christ.

This is seen in how the Bible speaks of living for Jesus. We are called to follow Christ, NOT desperately hoping that we will somehow make the grade, but from a position of security. The believer knows that he is loved by God and will one day definitely go to Heaven because of what Jesus did on his behalf. This results in a joyful life of true contentment as we follow the one who loves us more than life.

Are you going DIY or DBC?

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