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Bought in Blood!

Redemption is a word that we don’t use much today although we still speak of redeeming bonds and some of us may even remember availing of the services of pawn shops in days gone by. The idea of the pawn shop was that, if you were running a bit short on cash, you took something of value to the shop and left the item there, leaving with the agreed sum of money plus a ticket. The idea was that you had a certain amount of time to redeem your possession, for a slightly higher figure than what you had received, otherwise it became the property of the pawn shop.

Jesus’ death is presented to us as the ultimate act of redemption. In His supreme act of dying on the cross He was buying back lost hopeless men and women out from under the very damning reign of the devil. It was our sin against God which gave the great enemy of mankind his power against us, manifested in guilt, shame, fear of death and judgment.

But once Jesus died on the cross the price of our sin was paid and His people were ‘bought back’ to God to receive His joy, peace, forgiveness and life. Satan lost- God won!

Are you one of Jesus’ people or are you still receiving the Devil’s wages? Why not, right now, come to God by repenting of your sins and asking Jesus to come into your life?

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