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The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus Acts 1.1-8

An introduction to the Book of Acts

On Sunday we commenced a new series on the fifth book of the New Testament- the book of Acts. I think that most Christians would say that this is one of their favourite books in the Bible. Fast moving and dynamic, it is turbo charged with excitement as we are given a ring side seat as to how the early church did life.

It is my intention to give a short (I promise} sermon summary each week so here goes....

The book was written by Luke, the same man who wrote the ‘Gospel of Luke’ and clearly Acts is a follow on from the 3rd Gospel. Luke wasn’t one of Jesus’ original 12 disciples but came to faith early on. It is of particular interest to note that Luke is the only non-Jewish person to write a New Testament book. I am also very pleased to say that Luke was no armchair historian but took part in the missionary journeys of Paul which the latter chapters of Acts record. As with all the New Testament Luke was an eye witness of what he writes- he was there saw it, wrote it and bought the Tee shirt!

We spent a bit of time on Sunday on the title of Acts, the full title being ‘the Acts of the Apostles’. Given the prominence of the Holy Spirit in Luke’s writing many have suggested that a better title would have been ‘the Acts of the Holy Spirit’. However, the best title probably would be ‘the Acts of the risen Lord Jesus’ as it is He who meets, guides, directs and rules over his Church at every point.

It can never be too strongly asserted that, just as Christianity is based on the person and work of Christ alone and just as becoming a Christian is repenting of our sin and trusting in Jesus alone for forgiveness, so the Church is headed up and governed by Jesus Christ alone.

It is these facts which make Christianity unique. To the question- ‘what is a Christian?’ one could respond- ‘someone who goes to Church’ but a much better answer is someone who knows Jesus and is walking every day with Him. This earth shattering reality happens immediately when one turns from trusting in themselves and what they can do (good works, sacraments, pilgrimages, etc) and places their dependency for time and eternity in Jesus alone and what he accomplished on the Cross by his sin bearing death.

Well, that is enough for now, please stay tuned as we slowly move through a truly thrilling book of the Bible! Also, why not join us on a Sunday morning yourself- 11 am in the Leisure Centre (off James street) for our service followed by a good cup of tea?

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